Will somebody please enlighten me...

I'm begging you. Please enlighten me as to how a "terrorist" looks. Because obviously i'm not getting it. How do you associate an article or clothing to a murderer?!
my father was sharing with us a story about his day. And he said I was at work and i saw somebody come in to the room dressed like a soldier holding a ghutra  and agal in his hands. What is a ghutra and agal you may ask. A ghutra is basically a red and white scarf wrapped around the head (part of arab/khaleeji culture). Like this man:

The red and white scarf is the ghutra and the agal is the black thing holding it down. Anyways back with the story. So the man comes into the room where my dad's working dressed as a soldier and holding a ghutra and agal in his hands. My dad goes over to talk to him and ask him what he's holding (my dad full well knows what it was he's holding but he goes over to see what the man would answer him). So when my dad asks, the soldier man says 'I'm dressed up as a terrorist". Full ignorance. my dad just turns his back on him and leaves.

When my dad was sharing this "experience" with us I got really mad. Full on mad. Because truthfully it wasn't fair. Like how shallow are you going to be anyways? Go to the point of taking a person's CULTURE and using it as a sign of terrorism?

Oh, you know what? maybe I'll go and wear a mini skirt and tank top in public and be like I'm dressed as a "prostitute". That's nice isn't it? Just because some people have no background and culture doesn't mean they have to look down on other people's culture.

People piss me off. I'm glad I wasn't there because I would have slapped that man hard across the face. My parents can stand that stuff. They probably have enough wisdom to ignore the ignorant. Obviously I'm not that mature. And obviously I'm outspoken.

So will somebody please enlighten me as to how a terrorist LOOKS?

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Anonymous said...

that's the stupidest, most racist thing i have ever heard. i can't believe that guy!

Anonymous said...

I personally don't think the dude deserves a slap , you shouldn't be pissed of at ignorant people but rather feel sorry for them , because they are lacking knowledge. ;)


Fadiosis said...

I think this is the most pathetic thing I've ever read in my whole life.... !!!
not ur writing :|
i mean the guy !!!
is he serious ??? I mean.. REALLY ????
like he's being the coolest guy when he thinks he really knows how to spot a terrorist ??
I think he needs to sign up in some psycho therapy or something... :\
alhamdolillah we have enough brains to judge with !! :\

My Getaway said...

I know how you feel that kind of stuff makes me really angry.

Linus said...

Assalamu alaykum. Help me share Islam to the world. link my article to your blog. May Allah reward you.

Mina said...

Coz people are ignorant, simple as that sis...and Allah has plans for those type of people!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I know it is really frustrating to hear and see such ignorance. People need to be educated. I have run into similar things in reverse -- stereotypes about Americans -- while living in the Middle East. It is not meant cruelly. It is cultural ignorance, and perhaps our school systems are somewhat to blame, as well as our media. The bottom line is that people are people, and Muslims, Christians, and Jews can all work together harmoniously if they try. They do at my work place.

criti_gal said...

i have come across this remarkable story of a muslim convert on youtube that talks a lot about ignorance, she used to be a muslim hater
you can find it on youtube under
"Story of an EX muslim hater who converts to islam. P1"
it says a lot in itself

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Having spent two years living in Jordan, I have seen many people who look similar to the picture you posted. None of them were terrorists, and many of them were and continue to be friends. It is very unfortunate for the sake of the world that there are such ignorant and mean people in the world as the person you ran into.

Nasreen said...

I can understand why you'd be annoyed. Your dad didn't try to talk to him about it? We have to try and fix this perspective of people. This could have been a good chance to teach him about the Arab culture and atire. I'm sorry it happened to your dad.

Adib said...

Omg, how immature of that man!

You made a really good point there about the tank top and skirt. Kudos!

Oh btw, I hope everything is well inshaAllah. I haven't seen you posting in a really long time.

Sacrifice4Allah said...

Where are you?!!!!!

Princess said...

Salam this is the first time I visit your blog and I think it's gr8! but I got mad when I read you r last post. I just wanna say that fear always comes from ignorance!

ahsya said...

you're a very cool person, do you know that?
just wanted to get that out there.
anyways, AWESOME blog,
and you're absolutely right,
and that man is crazy.

Randomness said...

I dont think that person was worth you getting worked up about.. you shouldnt let that sort of stuff get to you, just brush it off, and one day you will be the person that has the last laugh

Anonymous said...

How does a terrorist look?


Not that it means anything, but they all have something in common...