I want to start another blog. But i'm not really sure about what i should do it for. I was thinking about making it private/by invitation but i changed my mind. I'm kinda thinking about making a group blog, but i want to know if anybody would be interested in taking part in it. I'm still not sure though. So any ideas maybe?

The real reason and 2 tags

Ok so you're probably wondering where i've been. WHy I haven't posted. this is my reason:



I've been:

OK, that was a lie.scroll down for the real reason:

I've been


................ No wait I couldn't have been studying because:

SOOOOO what's the REAL reason behind why malekat hasn't been posting???!!

*drum roll*


:) and even though i haven't been posting/commenting doens't mean i forgot, I"M STILL READING your posts even though i don't leave me mark ;P

And now onto the tags:

Tagged by Asmi/Quick it girl
1. Do you think you are hot?
2. Upload your favourite picture of you. noooooooo way!!
3. Why do you like that picture? Because it makes me laugh when i see it :)
4. When was the last time you ate pizza? uh....2 weeks ago?
5. The last song you listened to? Crash n burn by Savage Garden
6. What are you doing right now besides this? Chewing gum, breathing, typing...
7. What name would you prefer besides yours? mine is too awesome to change ;p
8. People to tag:

9. Who is number 1? A sweet muslimah blogger :)
10. Number 3 is having a relationship with? uhhh that's not my business!!
11. Say something about number 5? ACK! I LOVE HER!
12. How about number 4? A super-cool muslimah :P
13. Who is number two? Awesome hijabi friend of mine
#2 Tag
celebral seductress has tagged me...

8 Things I'm looking foward to
Summer vacation!!
Goin' to europe this summer !!!
Last day of school o_O
Seeing my cousin
starting 8th grade ;P * ya i know i'm so young!*
And...learning to drive

8 Things I did yesterday
Woke up at 8:30
had a quick breakfast
Went shopping for our trip
Went to cvs
Teased my brother about his sling (he hurt his shoulder)
Found out I had a twin sister living in Fiji :P *hahha* jk!
E-mailed people
Read some book....

8 Things I wish I could do
White-water raft

Recite the whole quran by memory
speak spanish fluently...i know some spanish just not fluently enough
Get a job
Stop being lazy

8 Shows I watch
little mosque on the prairie
and that's it....

8 Things I love
Hot chocolate
cookie moster

ANNNNNNNND i tag anyone who wants to do this...

Of shoe closets and fridges

you guys that know me, know that there is nothing i like better than snapping a picture or two. :) so with that said, I will go on with my story:
My dad and mom have been looking around for a little freezer to store extra things in for some time. So today like an hour ago, my dad walked in and he was like
"Hey (mom's name) can you help me unload the freezer i just got from the truck?"
My mom of course surprised, agreed. :)
So the next thing I see is them walking up up the stairs to the entrance of the house hauling a black freezer looking thing.
Then they find out that it's NOT a freezer but a fridge, and they're like 'what the heck are we gonna do with a fridge?!'
and so they look around the house to see where to store it. Our house has alot of storage rooms, but they're all full. Except one.
The shoe closet. :D

And now for the pictures :) :

i cracked up when i saw the view :P
And so i ran and got my digital camera and snapped shots of a shoe closet and a fridge :)

They're probably moving it someplace else though... x(

Cold words


I listen to the girls cracking jokes denying God's existence. Life was life. They said they didn't believe in some old man with a beard who decided he was God. What the hell?! Is that really their image of a God? A man with a beard?! Astaghfurallah.
I'm scared of how much they don't understand.
They say there is no heaven.
No hell.
Nothing happens.
No God.
I want to scream. I feel pain with their words. I want to yell out. Tell them about Islam. But i know they won't understand, they can't.
frustration just overwhelms me, i hate not being able to talk. Silently I disagree fiercely. Silence is not consent. It is objection.
They say you need Jesus in your life.
Inside I smirk.
I laugh.
I'm the one who has Jesus in my life.
They're the ones who need him.
They're the ones crying out for help.
Praying for the creation to save them.
Not God.
Inside I am an emotional turmoil.
They blame oppression of Islam
They blame stereotypes
All I wanna do is tell them to stop.
Turn them right.
Tell them the truth
But whenever I open my mouth
I run out of words
I imagine putting my hand in murky water
That drags me in.
There is so much i have to say
Not enough time.
Not enough words
To describe anything.
They wont listen. They wont understand. I know.
Silently i object to their synthetic views
They are oppressing themselves.
They wont accept the truth.


lol :P I"m back!!!!!!!! wohoo! it feels so good to go on the internet and look at my blog again! Our internet connection has FAILED terribly, actually it hasn't been working at all and we finally got it to work yesterday! MY LIFE SUCKS WITH NO INTERNET! ;p lol i sound like some spoiled girl with no life. Well....actually the last part is true. no just kidding! i have a life, though suckish at times but still, it will have to do!!!
AGHHHHHHHHHHHH i missed you guys soooooooo much! *runs up and hugs you* (well only if you're part of the female gender.)

so how is life going for ya'll (got my little southern accent ther ;p)? the weather is awesome over here, by awesome i mean rainy and sunny at the same time :) no rainbows though, if i see one i'll catch it on my awesome digital camera.

I can't believe school is about to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so ready for summer vacation, although the weather clearly isn't.

my mom and i were shopping at tj maxx and we were really happy cuz they had LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS of scarves (perfect shayla style super gorgeous!) and they're pretty cheap compared to ones that are sold online. they cost about $10.00 but they're really good material. :)

Happy monday by the way! although i don't think anybody says that. well...