I want to start another blog. But i'm not really sure about what i should do it for. I was thinking about making it private/by invitation but i changed my mind. I'm kinda thinking about making a group blog, but i want to know if anybody would be interested in taking part in it. I'm still not sure though. So any ideas maybe?

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Candice said...

I'd be up for a group blog, if it's something I'm able to contribute to. I am not a bank of Islamic knowledge in any way. I'm not even Muslim yet. If you want to start something up that is more researched articles, I really don't have the time, even though I'm sure I'd be capable... So yeah, I might not be very useful!

An idea I have though would be a blog that gives different people's opinions on certain topics (ex: homosexuality, barriers in mosques, etc.) So each entry could focus on one topic and have 3 of the more varied opinions displayed Hopefully you'd get another 5 or so interested in contributing so you can alternate and post the most interesting and varying opinions.

Of course, this is an idea that is so "me". It's like a group version of my own blog, lool. I think others will have better ideas!

Asmi's Journal said...

A second blog would be nice but what's it going to be about? lol I guess that's the same thing you're asking. Hmmmm....

Group blog seems good too.

Sorry if I haven't helped much ><
I'm kinda sleepy and tired
<3 :D

ellen557 said...

What Candice said is good... you don't even have to have it as a group thing. You could just have a second blog about those topics (she said barriers in the mosque, which would definitely be good to talk about) and give your opinion on them.

Good luuuuck ;)

xoxo, nadia said...

Maybe you could just separate your personal posts from general articles...Seems like that's what alot of people are doing.

Me? I just put everything into one blog because Im just not that organised :b

If it's a private blog, invite meeeee (:

Would love to see what you come up with. I know I didn't give you any new ideas ): said...

You could make a second blog to introduce blogs that you've visited for a week/month. And you could have constant posts about the most interesting topics you've found around the blogosphere.

To make the blog more exciting, bring in more authors to help contribute so that the blog will keep going. You can separate the work load by nominating the blog designer, publisher, idea proposer, etc.

Look at this article here. said...

More ideas?

You could go around interviewing all the bloggers out there!

Candice said...

I was thinking some more, and maybe a sort of project to let non-Muslims know about Islam would be cool!

We each choose a non-Muslim around us and we teach them about a specific thing in Islam and get their reaction.

We'd have to say what we specifically told them if it's more of a controversial topic (and reasons why we decided it could be appropriate to tell this person about this topic, since the goal would be to get non-Muslims to learn about Islam in a positive way). Then we ask them what they think and report back.

It could be teaching about hiijab and its importance, about prayers and reasons Muslims pray 5x a day, the concept of God alone, the Qur'an and how different it is from the Bible, etc.

scarletadyant said...

just do what you want to do...if it for dawaa, inshaAllah it will came go ahead...

Lisa said...

Something like Symphonic Discord would be alot of fun. They all seem to be friends and have a lot in common. I wonder if you have fellow blogger friends at school?

For other blogs, what are your interests? I LOVE having my political blog for instance. What about a fashion blog, or one kind of in the vein of Hell Fire Furious Muslimah. I think your passion will be the key. Love you!

Asmi's Journal said...

I'm back lol :p
There are some great ideas up here!

It's all about what you're interested in Malekat. And it would be nice to have an original idea.

Like, do you like travelling and getting to know different cultures and stuff? You could make a blog about different Muslim cultures around the world, Islamic architecture, beautiful mosques around the world and beautiful things like that. That would be an awesome and useful blog :D

Anyway don't worry so much about your second blog now. Just give it time you'll get a great idea Insha Allah and you can start!