lol :P I"m back!!!!!!!! wohoo! it feels so good to go on the internet and look at my blog again! Our internet connection has FAILED terribly, actually it hasn't been working at all and we finally got it to work yesterday! MY LIFE SUCKS WITH NO INTERNET! ;p lol i sound like some spoiled girl with no life. Well....actually the last part is true. no just kidding! i have a life, though suckish at times but still, it will have to do!!!
AGHHHHHHHHHHHH i missed you guys soooooooo much! *runs up and hugs you* (well only if you're part of the female gender.)

so how is life going for ya'll (got my little southern accent ther ;p)? the weather is awesome over here, by awesome i mean rainy and sunny at the same time :) no rainbows though, if i see one i'll catch it on my awesome digital camera.

I can't believe school is about to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so ready for summer vacation, although the weather clearly isn't.

my mom and i were shopping at tj maxx and we were really happy cuz they had LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS of scarves (perfect shayla style super gorgeous!) and they're pretty cheap compared to ones that are sold online. they cost about $10.00 but they're really good material. :)

Happy monday by the way! although i don't think anybody says that. well...

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Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Seems like its really easy to find long skirts and scarves this year. I love it! There were some nice and cheap long skirts and the Burlington Coat Factory here and I've seen lots of nice shayla scarves at tons of stores. said...

Welcome back. Hope to see more great posts from you!

ellen557 said...

Aw, welcome back :) You've been missed!

Mia's Mom said...

Salam Malekat,

So that's why there's no entry for quite some time. Been waiting for new post from you. Anyway, Welcome Back. (:-D)

xoxo, nadia said...


HUGS BACK! Missed ya cheekiness when you comment on my blog. Lucky I got a dose of that yesterday. LOL

Looking forward to more posts lil sis.

Asmi's Journal said...

YAY! Malekat's back!!!!!!!!!

I missed you big time! :DDD

Yeah, and when you get your summer hols, I expect posts from you EVERYDAY, or else... :P

lol, welcome back!


Anonymous said...

As a teacher, I can also say that I can't wait for the summer holidays!!! Peace and quiet here I come. But really, teachers who love their job, miss it when it is not filling up their days.

The Light of Islam said...

YAAY, welcome back sister! =D