Of shoe closets and fridges

you guys that know me, know that there is nothing i like better than snapping a picture or two. :) so with that said, I will go on with my story:
My dad and mom have been looking around for a little freezer to store extra things in for some time. So today like an hour ago, my dad walked in and he was like
"Hey (mom's name) can you help me unload the freezer i just got from the truck?"
My mom of course surprised, agreed. :)
So the next thing I see is them walking up up the stairs to the entrance of the house hauling a black freezer looking thing.
Then they find out that it's NOT a freezer but a fridge, and they're like 'what the heck are we gonna do with a fridge?!'
and so they look around the house to see where to store it. Our house has alot of storage rooms, but they're all full. Except one.
The shoe closet. :D

And now for the pictures :) :

i cracked up when i saw the view :P
And so i ran and got my digital camera and snapped shots of a shoe closet and a fridge :)

They're probably moving it someplace else though... x(

6 thoughts:

SirAdib.com said...

Ahahaha! Of all places to put it. xd

Saafir said...

the foul smell will be frozen Insha'Allah

xoxo, nadia said...

Awesome. The black fridge looks so sleek.

Send it over to Australia. I'll have it :b

Asmi's Journal said...

:D lol How come ur dad never checked whether it was a freezer before he got it?

celebral seductress said...

that's cute! =)
hey,u've been tagged!

Aurangzeb said...

Hey I'm in a funny mood....
Definitely not my refrigerator!!!