What Is Beauty?

"What is beauty? Maybe it's the way her body is shaped or the way she's dressed. But if the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?"


It's been almost a year since I last wrote anything on this blog. I've checked in often though but never made a mark. Coming back on here almost feels like I'm resurrecting an old ghost, which doesn't make much sense to me because this place used to be my place of comfort.
I think I stopped writing here because I stopped having answers. Being that this is an Islamic blog, I felt compelled to always know more. But now, as I look back on it, I realize that it never was knowledge that I gave out, but a feeling of self-sufficiency; for me and hopefully for others. I want to regain that feeling of belonging. These past years have been some of the hardest to endure. Throughout them, I reached low points and high points. I fell into depression numerous times but always got back up with the help of Allah (s.w.t).
Yet I still don't have answers. All I know is that I'm tired of always being on the defensive side. I'm tired of always having to be the one questioned and doubted. So maybe this blog will become my new platform once again. But maybe this time, something will change.

Welcome back, readers. This Muslim teen is trying to revive herself.
Questions? Comments? Words of encouragement? Comment!
And may Allah (s.w.t) guide and bless us all. 

A Conversation...

This is what happens when you combine highschool students and Islam in World History in one class:

Student: Allah? Isn't that like, the terrorist god?

Yes. He is, if you're an ignorant scumbag.

I leave you with this...

I like Proving People Wrong.

So you know what's funny?
Islam is the newest religion. It came after both Judaism and Christianity.Therefore, logically speaking, it is the most "modern". Which means anybody who says Islam is a "backwards" and "old/out of touch" religion is both literally and logically incorrect.

The Collaboration Ending All Collaborations

...not really. but it's still pretty cool ya'll! Ahsya from eyes of a hijabi and I are teamin up to produce la ultimate we love hijab blog. It's called 101 Reasons Hijab Makes Our Life Better. <--- GO! you know you wanna click it.

Will somebody please enlighten me...

I'm begging you. Please enlighten me as to how a "terrorist" looks. Because obviously i'm not getting it. How do you associate an article or clothing to a murderer?!
my father was sharing with us a story about his day. And he said I was at work and i saw somebody come in to the room dressed like a soldier holding a ghutra  and agal in his hands. What is a ghutra and agal you may ask. A ghutra is basically a red and white scarf wrapped around the head (part of arab/khaleeji culture). Like this man:

The red and white scarf is the ghutra and the agal is the black thing holding it down. Anyways back with the story. So the man comes into the room where my dad's working dressed as a soldier and holding a ghutra and agal in his hands. My dad goes over to talk to him and ask him what he's holding (my dad full well knows what it was he's holding but he goes over to see what the man would answer him). So when my dad asks, the soldier man says 'I'm dressed up as a terrorist". Full ignorance. my dad just turns his back on him and leaves.

When my dad was sharing this "experience" with us I got really mad. Full on mad. Because truthfully it wasn't fair. Like how shallow are you going to be anyways? Go to the point of taking a person's CULTURE and using it as a sign of terrorism?

Oh, you know what? maybe I'll go and wear a mini skirt and tank top in public and be like I'm dressed as a "prostitute". That's nice isn't it? Just because some people have no background and culture doesn't mean they have to look down on other people's culture.

People piss me off. I'm glad I wasn't there because I would have slapped that man hard across the face. My parents can stand that stuff. They probably have enough wisdom to ignore the ignorant. Obviously I'm not that mature. And obviously I'm outspoken.

So will somebody please enlighten me as to how a terrorist LOOKS?

You mean you haven't seen it YET?!?!

The 4th Season of Little Mosque on The Prairie has come out!
To watch go to http://watchlittlemosque.com/?p=50.

Enjoy :)

Young People Who Rock

Sadiya Buta
Sadiya Buta, 15, is getting attention for much more than what she wears on the tennis court.
Sadiya Buta, 15, is getting attention for much more than what she wears on the tennis court.
It’s 100 degrees in Arizona, but that doesn’t keep Sadiya Buta off the court. She is part of one of the top doubles teams in her high school’s division. Like her teammates, she is clad in her school’s team shirt and skirt, but Sadiya also wears an extra layer of pants, a long sleeve shirt and a hijab, as part of her traditional Muslim beliefs.
The 15-year-old is looked at like a phenom in the sport, only picking up a racket for the first time last year. Her family recently came to Tucson, Arizona from a refugee camp in Kenya. Before leaving the camp in Dadaab, Kenya, Sadiya’s family was forced out of war-torn Somalia. The International Rescue Committee resettled Sadiya, her 5 siblings and her parents in the United States.
The adjustment for “Sandy,” as her friends call her, was a challenge, to put it mildly. She acts as a translator for her family, as they all learn English and her parents look for work. Despite the obstacles, Sadiya does whatever it takes to tackle her home life with school work and tennis, including waking up at 3 a.m. to complete her homework to keep up her better-than-perfect GPA. She admits that people at school made fun of her at first, but she paid no attention, determined to keep her eye on the ball.

taken from http://ypwr.blogs.cnn.com/