No need for argument.

So i've been pretty disgusted with the "anonymous" sunni/shia haterz comments on some blogs. I really hate how some of these commenters are really judgmental about things that are really wrong. I hate how they're sometimes like "sunnis are better because... and shias are backwards stupid people" or "shias are better because... sunnis are backwards stupid people". And although i do believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I still think that when you're making a comment, you should atleast be able to provide CORRECT information and in a civil manner. Because seriously, if you want to know about the life choices of others, then ask THEM, otherwise you really don't wanna know.

And anyways about the whole sunni-shia rant, I think that there really is no need for it. I mean people who think that sunnis& shias don't need to "be together" or shouldn't "be civil" with eachother, need to come join our family sometime.

My mom is sunni, and my dad is shia, and they fell in love and have been successfully married for 19 years and there has been not ONE day where the topic of sunis or shias came up between them. I mean seriously, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what "part" of islam you are, it's the fact that you're muslims alone that counts.

*btw: inshallah i'll be leaving for europe tomorrow. I'll be back blogging when we arrive there safely inshallah. :D
and of course i will be taking many pictures and posting them :D

Read Vision of Truth

Well what can I say? I'm hooked too. So don't just stand here and gawk! Go read Vision of Truth!! It's an amazing story by my lovely fiend Asmi. ^-^ Spread the word guys. Spread the love!

Thanks to Saafir for giving me the idea of this post ^-^


"Those who are not grateful to people are not grateful to God"
-Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
I am so grateful to all my LOVELY LOVELY followers on this blog! Thanks so much for being so supportive and kind! i love you all!!

I can't believe I now have 100 followers :D

And with this opportunity, I would like to sincerely thank all my 100 followers! *hugs*
Thanks for always being with me!I love you guys :D
<3 <3

I was kinda hoping I could do a special post, but i couldn't think of anything (islamically related of course) special.

Inshallah I will think of something though. And I promise ya'll to post a well-written, touching post soon.

Love all of you dearly though. Take care!

you're jealous

My will power isn't doing too well. I'm fasting. Just because...and i still have 2 more hours. I was fasting yesterday too. I made it through but i was dying of thirst and hot. I said i was thirsty atleast 30 times yesterday but today's better. :) we're on summer vacation!! Actually school was over since June 5th but i didn't tell you, I didn't want all the little people upset at me cuz i finished school and they're still sweating through exams.

My brother and I are leaving for EUROPE on Sunday!!!!! We're going to da Netherlands YO! :D
You're jealous!!! YOU ARE JEALOUS! YESSSSSS YOU ARE! hahah. suckers. lol. So far i know how to say................ nothing in dutch. But oh well. Because you know what? YOU know WHAT?? Money speaks every language :) hahha. And you know why you're even MORE jealous? Because it's Hijab heaven there. It'll be such a change from living here in the states. Out here, there's nothing in store except a bathing suits, and...short shorts....and tank tops and bathing suits....
but when some genius discovers how to use these items and make them hijabified will be the day I will LOVE living in the U.S.:

3 Summer Essentials "Hijabified"



------> add acouple things:



Modest huh??

Give them a try :)

I hope the sarcasm doesn't get lost over the web when i hit the "Publish Post" button

Our grapes are growing and other pictures

We have like 6 grape vines that we planted last year and now they're growing!! so we officially have home-grown grapes!! :) yay!

And you can't possibly tell me you don't know what grape leaves look like!! ah they are:

My mom and i went outside yesterday and hung out on the porch. It was so sunny and humid and hot and ick. Then all of a sudden the clouds started coming in:

And more and more clouds until it got really dark

It started to storm and rain and thunder then-believe it or not it started to HAIL. Fat snow chunks for about an hour, in JUNE! and i live in the u.s.a so it's supposed to be HOT here NOT hailing :)

Then about 2 hours later the clouds start to clear up and the sun comes up again...

...and I resume the rest of my quest for pictures.
Our side yard:

Yellow flower ma mama planted (sorry i have no clue what it's called-i know i'm ignorant but so what?

Purple flowers!

Our jasmine plant (conveniently known as yasmeen is arabic ;p)

And a close up on the flowers:

And my mom's cup of tea placed beside our colorful pansies:

And i couldn't resist the temptation of putting my chucks in the picture:

teehee :)