Read Vision of Truth

Well what can I say? I'm hooked too. So don't just stand here and gawk! Go read Vision of Truth!! It's an amazing story by my lovely fiend Asmi. ^-^ Spread the word guys. Spread the love!

Thanks to Saafir for giving me the idea of this post ^-^

6 thoughts:

Saafir said...

Salaam Malekat,

why don't you make those images as links to Asmi's blog?

Insha'Allah...Just the way you made my Name into a link

My Getaway said...

Thanks for your comments!
I clicked on the link to checkout the story. It seems like it will be interesting. I will be reading it for sure!

malekat_el7oriya said...

@saafir-thanks for the suggestion! i just went back and linked all the pics :D

@mygetaway- no problem! :D i'm glad to be of help ^-^ said...

It shall be my turn! (inshaAllah)

Asmi's Journal said...

Awwwwwww, what more can I say, this is totally unexpected and totally sweet! <3

Truth is I never expected this sudden surge of love.

Thanks for always being there with me malekat, you're a true pal (even though we're miles away from eachother) Lol, I'm going sentimental. Somebody get me the tissues!

Lisa said...

Saafir had a great idea, very catchy! I was totally expecting a post about Uncle Sam and paying taxes or something!