Our grapes are growing and other pictures

We have like 6 grape vines that we planted last year and now they're growing!! so we officially have home-grown grapes!! :) yay!

And you can't possibly tell me you don't know what grape leaves look like!! ah well...here they are:

My mom and i went outside yesterday and hung out on the porch. It was so sunny and humid and hot and ick. Then all of a sudden the clouds started coming in:

And more and more clouds until it got really dark

It started to storm and rain and thunder then-believe it or not it started to HAIL. Fat snow chunks for about an hour, in JUNE! and i live in the u.s.a so it's supposed to be HOT here NOT hailing :)

Then about 2 hours later the clouds start to clear up and the sun comes up again...

...and I resume the rest of my quest for pictures.
Our side yard:

Yellow flower ma mama planted (sorry i have no clue what it's called-i know i'm ignorant but so what?

Purple flowers!

Our jasmine plant (conveniently known as yasmeen is arabic ;p)

And a close up on the flowers:

And my mom's cup of tea placed beside our colorful pansies:

And i couldn't resist the temptation of putting my chucks in the picture:

teehee :)

9 thoughts:

Safiyyah said...

Wow sis. You mean you get grapes the first year?! Sometimes it takes a year or two to get fruit from certain plants/trees. I planted a blackberry bush. Will keep you posted if I get berries (before the birds do!).

xoxo, nadia said...

I have a grapevine in my place too but it bears no fruit. LOL.

Awesome pictures, send some grapes over will ya?

Sacrifice4Allah said...

Beautiful pics MashaAllah!

malekat_el7oriya said...

@Safiyyah: ya we were really surprised when they started to grow :0 it's true though it takes usually about 2 years for plants to bear fruit :/ please do keep me posted on the black berries! :)

@ nadia: thanks! oh maybe i should start packaging the grapes up, by the time they get to australia they'll be fully ripe! :p

@ acrifice4Allah: thanks :)

scarletadyant said...

AWW..beautiful for everything!...I have planted a grape tree but it haven't grew better in this land. And then I have planted a mango tree...I harvested that tree yesterday!...<3

malekat_el7oriya said...

@scarletadyant: thanks! i love you! wow a mango tree?! that's awesome!

Asmi's Journal said...

lol, the best photo, by far, has to be the last one with your sneakers!
A dash of creativity, huh? ;P

sabrina said...

Wow, you grow your own grapes?!? Mashallah, I'm impressed:)

My Getaway said...

Just came across your blog. Very interesting and beautiful pictures mashallah.