Cold words


I listen to the girls cracking jokes denying God's existence. Life was life. They said they didn't believe in some old man with a beard who decided he was God. What the hell?! Is that really their image of a God? A man with a beard?! Astaghfurallah.
I'm scared of how much they don't understand.
They say there is no heaven.
No hell.
Nothing happens.
No God.
I want to scream. I feel pain with their words. I want to yell out. Tell them about Islam. But i know they won't understand, they can't.
frustration just overwhelms me, i hate not being able to talk. Silently I disagree fiercely. Silence is not consent. It is objection.
They say you need Jesus in your life.
Inside I smirk.
I laugh.
I'm the one who has Jesus in my life.
They're the ones who need him.
They're the ones crying out for help.
Praying for the creation to save them.
Not God.
Inside I am an emotional turmoil.
They blame oppression of Islam
They blame stereotypes
All I wanna do is tell them to stop.
Turn them right.
Tell them the truth
But whenever I open my mouth
I run out of words
I imagine putting my hand in murky water
That drags me in.
There is so much i have to say
Not enough time.
Not enough words
To describe anything.
They wont listen. They wont understand. I know.
Silently i object to their synthetic views
They are oppressing themselves.
They wont accept the truth.

8 thoughts:

Hafiz said...

Salam sister,
I feel your pain too.
Be patient and ask Allah for help
Bro Hafiz (:

Candice said...

At work a couple of the girls do not believe in God. That is totally fine by me, but they absolutely refuse to consider that this is their belief and not necessarily the truth. Funny that I have the same problem with Atheists as I do with Muslims. I hate for Muslims to talk about some things as though it's complete fact, not considering that it is a belief they hold and not a proven fact. I think it's sad either way, but it's funny that I used to think "theists" were sadder and that with time, as my beliefs change, I feel the atheists are much sadder in their ways. Hope I was able to be clear! No time to re-read and clarify myself!! said...

It would've been different if they were a bit more serious about their belief instead of cracking jokes like that. I myself would've been silent to avoid pointless debates.

But you could still turn the conversation around so that they'd listen to you and respect your belief. Like you could start by saying, "Yeah, I don't believe a man with a beard would be God. In fact, Jesus never ever claimed he was one, no where in the Bible did he say, "I am God, worship me"."

I've never tried it, but its an idea.

Asmi's Journal said...

Wow Masha Allah, I really love the way you've written this one, it really brings out the emotion! u.u

That said, I totally understand what you're going through, people in my school are the same. It;s so frustrating and you feel like you have a lot to say but somehow you know they wont understand because we've already tried before. *sigh*

Let's keep trying for the cause of Allah! We never give up! :)

Salam :) <333

xoxo, nadia said...

Dearest Malekat, the way the girls describe God as an old man with a beard...I think they've been watching too many Christmas movies.
Are they atheists? I have an acquaintance whos an atheist and hes main argument against religion is that it divides and creates tension that would never have existed if people were not segregated into religion. said...

Yeah, I've heard an Atheist say that to me too. People divide and fight regardless of religion. They divide because of race, wealth, status. It is with the correct etiquette of acquiring true knowledge will there be peaceful unity and less crimes.

scarletadyant said...

AWW, my lovely sis...first, i want to say that I so so miss u...welcome back again on your blog (hope it's not to late for saying)...i fell what you feel about that...I think...physicaly, they live in modern era but their mind still in age of pagan ignorance preceeding the Islam era...or...they still live in tender age when full of imaginations. Be patient toward some peoples like them..did by tender act.<3

Zeina said...

Mash'allah, you're a very talented writer.