Corrupted minds

It's funny how people accept teen pregnancies, perverted minds, shows promoting sex, young children dating and inappropriate clothes just because it's "style"

It's funny how they refuse, reject a religion that teaches respect, purity, and truth.

I was talking to my friend yesterday and she brought up the topic of shows on T.V. she asked me if I watched the show "Sweet Life" and I said no, cuz i don't have cable. I asked her to tell me about it, and she did. This is how she explains it:

A girl becomes pregenant with a drummer from a band and when her parents find out they want to put the baby up for adoption or something. Later she finds out that that same drummer has made alot of girls pregenant and has a prostitute working for him. The girl also ends up having sex with her step brother.

By the time she's explained that my mouth is wide-open. The first question I ask her is " And your mom doesn't mind you watching something like this?!"

People, keep in mind that she's only 12 years old. 12!!

She answers me by saying " Oh she doesn't really care, like my aunt will call me and we'll be discussing the show for like an hour"

What? really? The mom doesn't care that her 12 year old daughter is watching a show full of sex, and prostitutes?

Wow. I mean the only thing i watch are the local channels which only have the really really cute cartoons teaching toddlers how to spell and read and write and add and subtract numbers.

And this isn't the first encounter I've had with one of my friends who can watch shows like that. i have friends who watch a show called 'Juno' with their families, and what is this sow about? basicaly teen pregenancies, perverted minds and sex.

All the shows seem to promote sex now, and the people who make the shows KNOW that adults aren't the only ones watching these. I mean all of a sudden it's like a show that doesn't have a slutty girl as a main character or doesn't have some type of dirty dancing or singing isn't a good show anymore!

And parents don't do anything to stop it! They watch these shows with their children.

And then when they're daughter gets pregenant when she's 16 they kick her out of the house or treat her badly. I mean what do you expect? It's like some parents are purposefully trying to corrupt their childrens mind.

that's why you don't seem to find pure, innocent children anymore. Everything around them seems to be promoting sex or style.

The clothing styles are made to reveal half of their body. And half the time, the girls wearing these clothes are no more than 10 years old! Believe me I've seen so many girls like that, I just think, why are the parents not doing anything to stop it?! I mean when i was 10 I ran around and played and played and played. i wasn't worried about what shirt would look cuter with these pants, or which pants made me look better! For God's sake I used to wear a pair of loose jeans any shirt i could find.

And now, the pressures of school has got everyone running around looking for a boyfriend, or girlfriend. It's just what made you cool. But why? And above that the parents don't care, that their children are 11 years old when they start dating. They think it's natural. NATURAL. They were like that when they were little so why not their children?

And then they complain why their children grow up so fast. They ask is there any way to stop the corruption of innocent minds?

The answer: Follow Islam.

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Saafir said...

I hate watching TV...I am those people who love to multitask. I prefer reading while listening to the Qur'an or Nasheeds or listening/watching an Islamic lecture.

Try recommending Huda Tv, Peace TV to your friends

kulthum said...

I agree with you one hundred percent here. My daughter is nine years old, and I am continuously disgusted when I see her classemates, all I wonder is what are the parents thinking. She is also banned from all "adult content" shows masking to be geared for children. I think the problem is that most parents use the television set as a babysitter while they get other things done.
It's very worrisom to raise a daughter in this type of environnement.
I'm very proud of you dearest little sister, you are a very strong girl inshilallah. It's very good that you write about these issues and share your feelings about it.

scarletadyant said...

AWW...a few years ago, I have discussed with my friend about AIDS campaign. She has asked me, why it put some tags like 'use condom'...why it's not 'no free sex' etc. I have tried to tell her that perhaps about culture pattern, habit. I have been concerned about young generation. I can't stop what the whole world do about some bad thing toward young generation right now, I just try to prevent, and struggle in other way, based on my religion. It have to be our moral responsibility as a muslim. I'm proud of you as a teen muslim. Still keep the faith and go on your way.

Umm Omar said...

You're so right. It's scary and what's scarier is that it's only getting worse. Immorality is the norm. There's nothing good on TV anymore. May Allah protect us all from these influences.

mawaddah said...

this is scary. they are exposed to these kind of media at a very young age. i cant imagine whats more to come. it is their parents who are responsible for it and should guard their children often.

ModestJustice said...

Technically, I grew up where the t.v was my babysitter (well actually it was my teenage aunt or her brother my uncle and they put me in front of the t.v too)

And I watched a whole rang of cartoons (alhamdulillah they were innocent back then) and didn't even know the concept of reality shows until now. Disney channel was my best friend although recently it's vapid and teaching children no values what so ever.

But it all has to be about proper exposure. Not allowing them to see any t.v at all will make them search for it which is bad unless they're smart like you Malekat, and sometimes they aren't.


xoxo, nadia said...

Malekat, well written!

I grew up watching cartoons on cable till I was 18, and then I basically just stopped watching TV daily. 18!

Everyone in college was talking about FRIENDS or G.ANATOMY or SCRUBS....and I was watching cartoons.

Having said that, even cable TV like nickelodeon or Disney Channel, which are meant for kids, have sexual themes in them.

Anonymous said...

tottal agreement from me me i see my younger cousins and friends siblings its disgusting!!

Candice said...

I live in an apartment building that has quite a few kids and just recently, we invited some of the kids to come play Xbox and just with Nora and her toys. At the peak, there were 9 of them! But anyway, one little boy, about 5 years old, came in at one point, with this really sad look on his face, almost crying. He sat on the couch and I asked him what was wrong, if he had been hurt. He says no... Then one of the older kids asked if the girl had broken up with him again. He said yes and started crying!! He's 5!!

I had no idea what to do! Seriously, this isn't a relationship to them, it's just the status of this girl being closer to him than another boy, but then becoming closer with another boy who she now calls her boyfriend. They shouldn't be talking boyfriend, girlfriend, kissing, etc. at that age.

And kids shouldn't be watching these types of shows. But then we think that these shows are not really that interesting to any normal adult. The producers should stop making these types of shows directed towards teens and pre-teens!

xoxo, nadia said...

Candice: I have seen and heard many parents asking their little kids about their girlfriends/ boyfriends...These kids are my cousins.

Theyre 4-9 years of age. My little girl cousin picked the handsomest boy in class as her boyfriend.

I don't know if its just TV but also the way parents influence/educate these kids.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Wow I don't have cable either, so that really is shocking. I do know about the little girl clothes though. I can't believe the stuff they market for girls that are in preschool. I would much rather get Layla used to long skirts now and even get her a little abaya to wear sometimes.

Kropotkin said...

You are quite right, comrade! At my school, there are so many pregnant girls that it becomes "normal" to see them. The things that are glorified in the crap on TV really don't help the situation any. What's sad is that many of these poor girls don't understand the amount of responsibility that comes along with raising a child or the fact that they could have so much more in life if only they would make healthier choices.
In the defence of "Secret Life of the American Teenager", the point of the show isn't to glorify sex, but to show exactly what a hardship it was for this girl in the story... sadly, it doesn't do a very good job of this. It's mostly just lame entertainment.
In my opinion, the best way to teach a kid is by example. In a way, it's good that young people like you and I have seen all the stupid things that people do so that we won't make the same mistakes ourselves and insha'allah, neither will our children. One good thing can come out of this chaos: wisdom, alhamduillah.

Anonymous said...

That 'SWEET LIFE' show sounds totally AWFUL! And depressing.

I remember seeing an article in the Parents magazine a few months ago about how the trend for "sexy" clothing is targeting kids as early as 7-8 years old. My girls will definitely NOT being wearing anything like that. Even though my kids are still little (oldest is almost 4) I don't put them in those little skirts that they have for little kids, it just doesn't seem right.

We don't have cable, right now my kids only watch PBS.

I agree, those shows and clothing are going to affect your frame of mind and thought process. How else can you expect your kids to turn out?

Jamilah said...

Asalamu Alaikum

I feel the same way about the books that Muslim girls are reading now a days.

I teach in an Islamic school... grades k-8... the 8th girls are obsessed with Twilight. Now I don't know too much about it, but I know its a Vampire teen love story. How much more un islamic could you get? Its not appropriate for 13 year old girls to read this kind of stuff anyway, let alone Muslims. Vampires? Come on, really.

Anyway, there are a lot of things out there that we need to avoid, and its nice to hear that a young lady like yourself is doing her best to keep away from the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I'm 14, but a lot of girls my age have been watching a lot of teen dramas...except the teen dramas aren't really for teens :/
I watched Gossip Girl once & I couldn't believe this was what all the girls were raving about; it's disgusting & all about sex D:

ModestJustice said...

Jamilah: Although I hate twilight and think it's completely a waste of time, reading about a romance seems harmless than those girls actually having one. (As long as they don't discussing how 'cute' the main guy character is then you're in the clear)

I mean, I read the Harry Potter series and I don't have the urge to perform magic because as a kid I was aware that it was haram. :D

There's a fine line between concern and censorship ^.^

willson said...

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