Waste of life

I've been feeling a little down lately, and so many things are coming my way. I don't know how to explain anything anymore, so the only thing I could do was write a poem:

What a waste

The way the calm air lifted me

Carried me along

Watched the lives

Of others

How they moved

How they fell

How they could get up

Dig themselves out of the hole they’re in

And stand tall

Once again

I kept track

Saw progress

But somewhere along the lines

He fell

Down hard

Crashed into

The dirt covered ground

And lay there

Gathering the sins

Purity shed

Like dead skin

Face darkened

Where there might have been light

I waited

For him to stand


To get up

And proclaim

The beauty

Of life

Yet he remained

On the dust swept

Dirt engraved road

Thinking this was life

Thinking he was right

He didn’t know someone

Was watching

From a distance

Marking the moves

He made

Didn’t know

Why he wouldn’t

Laugh anymore

He never reached his hand out

For help

For someone to lift him up

Instead he took people’s hands

And dragged them in

Into the hole he’d dug himself

Audience around him

Thought he was so cool

Let it get to his head

Told him

So much

So many times

Islam was more



But he didn’t listen

Wasted his life

Living a lie

Dwelling in the gap

Where Islam should have been

But now replaced by life

By amusement

When his soul deserved


He reached the top

Only to find

There was nothing there

But emptiness

And the hell of a life

People lived.

He watched movies


To music

When he could’ve used

A couple of prayers

To brush up those

Mountain-sized sins

I saw him

Fall deeper and deeper

Desperate for help

Yet somehow not managing to realize

That he had fallen


By freedom

Mistook life

For the end

When it was only the beginning

My heart broke

Wanting to do something

To make him stop

Digging himself deeper

But everywhere I turned

I saw a dead end

A stop sign

Flashing in my face

I was trapped

I tried to reach out

Tell him to hold on

Tell him I could lift him up

But he refused

He was too far down

For me to reach

He continued to live



And thought it was


Thought it was

The truth

Yet he had mistaken the truth for lies

And lies for the truth

He had given up Islam

For a life

Of amusement

And I shivered

Knowing what would come

Dark days

Fire of hell

Stared him in the face

What a waste

Of such a young life.

8 thoughts:

Quick It Girl. said...

Salam malekat.
Sorry to hear that you've been feeling down...I'll make dua for you, Insha Allah. And don't worry tomorrow's going to be different. :)
Plus, What an amazing poem full of meaning! It was nice reading it. Masha Allah. And don't worry too much about it - Allah guides those whom He wills. :)

Luv you,
Quick It Girl :)

Umm Omar said...

Thank you for sharing this deeply thoughtful poem. It's a powerful reminder for us all.

xoxo, nadia said...

Malekat, I was wondering where you had disappeared too.
I am sad to hear that you are feeling down, that makes 2 of us. Here's a hug for you Malekat *HUG*
and also a cyber kick *KICK* to put a smile back on your face (:
When I am feeling down, I always TRY to remember that Allah does not burden us, He doesnt test us with more than we can endure.
So remember that girl, you're strong!

Also, you have a way with words. I connected to that person you wrote about in the poem. Love ya.

Asha said...

Awww malekat, I hope something can lift your spirits up again. I know how it feels like and it sucks (I think that is a mild word to use)- but hey, I am sure you have read in the Quran that there will be relief after going through any difficulties.. so I hope this will just go away pretty soon :(


and oh yes, really nice poem! You are creative masyaAllah. Good reminder for us too!

scarletadyant said...

AWW, my lovely sis...I feel what you feel, your sadness is like mine...if you feel so lonely, just remember Allah, me, sister in Islam, sisters in the orphan's home...and then you will not feel alone again...btw, I really like your poem...

Kropotkin said...

Hope you feel better soon! remember that Allah loves you and is watching over you. I can relate very much to your poem-- teenage life is not easy, especially for a muslim trying to do the right thing!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Assalam malekat
Alhamdulillah ! Its a beautiful poem. :)
you have written it beautifully, . . .
well, my dear. . . Hope you are feeling better now. . . Read a lot of darood. . . . It calms the heart. . . .
and well, bout the poem, . . . See, its good to try to get people to the right path. . . And i know it feels bad when people keep gettin lost in sin. . . But dont work yourself up. . . god Himself says that He has sealed the hearts and minds of some. . . They will never return to the right path. . .
dont let such people sadden you in a way that starts affecting your life. . . Oki? ?
keep smiling gal :)
Allah hafiz

The Light of Islam said...

MashAllah!! Your posts are so beautiful. I can relate to that poem! I see people close to me and I want to help them but somethings just bringing them down and they won't accept it. And I agree with Quick it girl, Allah Guides whom he Wills.
Much lovee <33 Salam =)