Happy Friday!

happy friday everyone! :) We got back from Jumuah like 3 hours ago but i didn't post sorry :( It feels good to post again! It was relly interesting yesterday, my mom, my dad and I had a discussion about prophets. We were talking about whether prophets made mistakes or not. i pointed out since they were people they were bound to make mistakes, but my dad thought I meant like 'sins' by saying mistakes, so he disagreed with me. But my mom and I pointed out that when Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) ate from the frobidden tree, he had made a mistake, and when Prophet Yunis left his people out of frustration, and got swallowed by the whale, was a mistake. Well eventually we reached the agreement that prophets, yes were people but of higher value, so therefore making their mistakes minor and unlike the sins of what people now make. so...with that said, do you agree or disagree about that?

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Lisa said...

I love your cute little picture sweet friend! I think Prophet's can make mistakes. Looking back, the Prophet himself may hav wished to be an even better husband to Khadijah and Aisha. Love you so much!

Saafir said...

Man is to error but with Allah(Subhana wa Ta'ala) by 'ur side the thought of even making an error is impossible...Errors/sins can be committed if one allows the whispering of Shaiytwan. On my stand, I think they did and did not.
Anyway, Allah forgave them...Alhamdullillah

Anonymous said...

salam sis,
Ambiya Alayhimus-Salam are totally sinless.
Huge difference between a mistake and a sin.
It was not Yusuf but Yunus Alayhis Salam.

scarletadyant said...

I can't recognize your blog, almost...lol...Thanks for thought of me, but where is my pic. it lost from your follower list...I will be cranky...lol...

xoxo, nadia said...

To Anon:

She DID say Prophet Yunus (SAW)

Well, unless she edited her typo after you pointed it out heh.

Yeah, I agree with Lisa. Who is this little girl? MashaAllah I want to pinch her cheeks.

And about this post, I don't know but you are right of course about Prophet Adam...it was temptation...a mistake!

Allah(SWT) is Most Forgiving.