Even more pictures!

Pretty trees mom planted a year ago or something. :)

lol, look carefully and you'll see the shovel beside me too lol.

i couldn't help it! I looked at the smooth, sparkling ground of snow and I jumped in. I know I know I have no will power... *sigh* lol

Shovel shovel the sidewalkkkkkk *sing to the tune of erm Jingle Bells*

Hahha I was dumb enough to leave my flipflops and flats outside the day before and now they're completely filled with snow lol.

Hahah my footsteps deep in the snow....

6 thoughts:

Umm Omar said...

Those are some nice snow angels!
Are you going to try and salvage the shoes? :p

washi said...

Haha, thanks for sharing your pics! Its too amazing that while I'm frying on this end of the world you are freezing on that end :-D

Anonymous said...

lol gawgus....

i love the flip flop pic so cute snowy shoessss!!!!!

Sacrifice4Allah said...


It snowed heavily over here in early Feb.

Nice pics, thanks for sharing!

ModestJustice said...

How awesome!

I live in Sunny(sometimes Rainy) California so Snow isn't really an option. I have seen it once however, and let's just say... I've learned to wear my gloves at ALL times @.@'

Amina said...

these pictures are beautiful!
I haate shoveling snow..lol..glad the spring is almost here