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A thought been running around in my head ever since I started watching Little mosque on the Prairie. It's funny how people can never know how they'll be introduced to Islam. Like the actors in Little mosque. Most of them aren't muslims but through their acting careers they've been exposed to the truth. So... technically if they don't convert/revert to Islam they could be punished for knowing the truth and yet not practicing it. And also these non-muslim actors have "lived as muslims" for a while through the show, so I wonder how they react when they hear people insulting muslims or when they see a muslimah walking down the street. They'd know all the little crevices and ways of being a muslim, and I just think that's so amazing. I mean if you think about it, it makes sense....Like if I could interview Rayyan (Sitara hewitt) I would just ask about her feelings about Islam before and after she was in this show. For some actors, maybe through this show they've gotten rid of "bad" islamic perspectives. I mean they're only humans so who knows how they thought about Islam before actually being a character in Little Mosque. Anyways I probably just lost everyone with my train of thoguhts :P. Oh, and for those who don't know what Little Mosque is visit this website and watch all the episodes:, I prefer it over Youtube, just because the episodes and seasons are more complete. Sorry i've been away from blogger for a while it feels good to be back :)
Basically I've been a silent reader of most of the blogs, gaining knowledge from the posts my muslim sisters & brothers are writing. It's hard to believe that before blogging I didn't know as much about Islam as I do now. I mean I prayed and fasted and did all that, but I didn't really understand alot about it. Like some issues about certain, more complex things in Islam really cleared up after I saw so many muslimahs talking about it and clearing their heart out. So this is a virtual thank you shout to all my fellow sisters. "luv ya all!"
Hope you're all enjoying life, and Islam. and are in the best of health and iman.

Lol that rhymed 'Hope you're all enjoying life, and Islam. and are in the best of health and iman. "

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Jaz said...

salaam 3aleekum!
That's a really interesting thought, Little Mosque on the Praire looks like a fun show but we don't have it here.. so thank you so much for posting the link! Now I can watch it and see what everyone is talking about :D
Isn't Sitara Hewitt Pakistani? If she is then maybe she knows about Islam because Islam is Pakistan's biggest religion, after all.

I found an interview with her about Islam that you might like to read here;

And the picture on the header of your blog is sooooooooo beautiful!

scarletadyant said...

I just know "Little house on the prairie" is your judgement about that? If you recommend it, I have to suggest some TV broadcast here.

Quick It Girl. said...

i watched the 1st episode - and was v funny. Thanks! 8D

i've also thought about people who've heard about Islam in some way but don't react to believe. how will such people be judged on the Day of Judgement? Only Allah can judge.

Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYYYY malekat is back
im so glad heyyah sis i hope you doing great!!!

Habibti said...

i feel like they are slipping. more with the mixity stuff. first they got it straight, now boys and girls are mixing like crazy. and they are making it seem as if once you are fiance, you can be alone with the opposite sex

Candice said...

I'm sure a lot of them, or even all of them, learned more about Islam from being on the show. The actors of the non-Muslim characters included. About them being punished for not becoming Muslim after learning, I think that it could be possible, but depending on how much they really did learn... Same for the viewers of the show, really!

I read about Sitara Hewitt and how she was exposed to Islam and wore hijab when she travelled, etc, so she was used to it. I'm sure she learned about Islam through the show though.

I haven't seen the most recent episodes, I will need to catch up on that site!