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My patience is completely GONE from people insulting Islam. I'm tiered of going on Youtube and other videos and reading comments that are nothing but prejudice and mean words, or not even just youtube, but other hateful websites. I don't get it. Do people have nothing better to do than insult a religion?! And above that, the TRUE religion. The RIGHT religion. The JUST and most NOBLE religion there is. Islam. I mean. For the people that only like to insult then this is a shout to ya'll :
"GO GET A LIFE FOR GOD'S SAKE!" lol. sorry I had to get that out. I'm just fed up with it. And then what's up with the stupid remarks anyways?? I get them alot because of my hijab. Here:
"Do you get HOT in that?"
"Did your parents FORCE you to wear it?"
"Do you EVER take it off?"
"Do you sleep with it?"
"Do you take a shower with it on?"
"Will you take it off next year?"
And my personal favorite...
"What would you do if I pulled it off your head?"
and "Do you speak English?"
or "Wow. You don't have an accent in english."
GOODNESS GRACIOUS! I mean...uh what am I supposed to say to them? I know this is old and stuff but it's STILL driving me INSANE. I've been getting these STUPID UN LOGICAL questions since day 1 of the hijab. And I'm quite fed up with the non-sense.
As you can see, I've had a very iffy day. (haha iffy!) isn't that such a cool word?
I Apologize so much for being away from the blog for a while (not that long!) but of course blogger is ADDICTING and my friends are driving me crazy asking me to get a Facebook. BUT I REFUSE TO GET A FACEBOOK! I HATE FACEBOOK. I WILL NOT BE ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK.
omygosh you guys...
your comments made me cry on my last post about memorizing the Quran cuz they were TOO SWEET! Special thanks to Solace in Islam and Muslimah2Muslimah for suggesting imaanstar.com.
I just downloaded it and it seems AMAZING! :) thanks again.
Oh, and Quick It Girl for that sweet video of an 8 year old who'd memorized all the Quran :) Very inspirational. Got me excited to learn the Quran by heart :) thanks!

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Umm Omar said...

I know it's frustrating. Islam is such a complete way of life for us so when someone reduces it down to a single ignorant question, it should be frustrating. Be patient.
And sister, I would recommend against adding links to any anti-Islamic website on your blog. We don't want to unknowingly advertise for them or enable them in any way. People who spend their time creating such sites or leaving hateful comments on youtube are not worth giving the time of day to.

Solace In Islam said...

I also get tired and impatient of having to deal with that type of thing. But we should also see questions asked by non-muslims as an opportunity to do dawah and to try and correct the distorted image people have of Islam because of the damage done by the media.

Constructive Attitude said...

I used to be the same way as you when people ask about hijab. Now i WISH people would ask (or at least my students). and i appreciate it. i would much rather have people ask me questions than just stare indiscreetly and make comments to others.

or assume/make judgements of their own.
and sometimes the questions are really stupid, but really funny.

Anonymous said...

its soooo wierd how much u remind me of me when i was 13!!

lots of love from me <3

malekat_el7oriya said...

thanks so much for your support everyone. :) and umm Omar, i took the link off the blog...i didn't realize what a bad idea it was :( lol.

~ Muhasabah ~ said...

InsyaAllah you will find islam video with non hated comment on this site :

(This is moral engine) , insyaAllah

Quick It Girl. said...

Lol...do you bathe with it on? Now that made me laugh.

but yeah those horrible comments about Islam which is the perfect religion. When I read those horrible comments on Youtube, I feel like argggggh!! What is wrong with these people??!!

Kropotkin said...

Salam, comrade!

I know how you feel about the random ridiculous hijab questions. Especially in school, where people are often very ignorant. THe most common ones I get are "Where are you from?" or "What language do you speak?"

Generally I do two things:
1. Just answer truthfully. "I'm from here" and "I speak english, german and russian." They migh be surprised. :)

2.Also remember that a lot of kids really weren't taught about Islam, so they have no way of knowing. Use this as an opportunity to teach your school comrades-- it may serve them well in the furture.

I've actually made new friends that way-- just explaining the hijab.
It's pretty sweet. ^_^

good luck and salams!

nesi the messy said...

I hope u re not disturbed anymore...

Lots of love fr Istanbul...

Muslimah2Muslimah said...

We are glad you found it useful, hon!