It's not happening

She wrote me a note today. A note. It said:

Dear ____ (My name),

I am writing this cuz you might not c me again.
I am going to commit suicide because no 1 likes me
& wants me in this world...I am serios!
luv you always,
_____ (My friends name)

She handed it to me on my way to gym and ran to her class, ran. I know she wouldn't do that. She wouldn't commit suicide. She can't. I'm positive. But still. It scared me. I'm pretty sure I talked her out of it though. So. But I still have that note. I didn't throw it away. I'm not going to.
20 years from now, I want to get it out and look back at it. And cry. How can someone feel like that?

2 thoughts:

Sacrifice4Allah said...

SubhanaAllah that is alarming! What happened for her to feel like nobody wants her in this world?!

Seriously though sometimes people feel so down and sad whether it is a past action coming back to haunt them, feeling lonely, childhood trauma and so on.

I really hope that she gets some help before it is too late. Is she a Muslim??

Quick It Girl. said...

Why would anyone want to commit suicide? Ok, I feel that's a dumb question because there are many people who want to die.

But that's just giving up. When we face problems we should stay strong and face them not immediately think of commiting suicide.

I do think your friend has some 'issues', you know? May be at home or may be she just feels sad. You must have figured it out while you talked to her, though.