Snow snow snow.....

Ok so, another live update wit LOTS of pictures lol. It snowed snowed snowed today and last night and it's just amazing Subhan Allah. Beautiful! I love snow and how it makes the whole world so white and clean. :) Oh and btw we're off from school

WOW! i love that light on the house in the background, it makes the whole scene so cozy and pretty.

GAWGUUSSS as muneera says

Once upon a time *before it snowed* there used to be a street here, but now you can't even see it.

Front view closer up, I <3 <3 snow!

Front view! With a hill of snow, and I had to cover up the street name so you don't stalk me-no just kidding. :)

This is only the shallow end of the snow on our porch, that has a roof over it. So the snow was much much much deeper than this.

All the cars covered in snow and the walkway that was in the picture yesterday, is completely invisible from all the snow today!

I thought it snowed a lot yesterday-but today wow! We're off from school too :)

5 thoughts:

Candice said...

Don't you guys have March break? Everyone here has the first week of March off. No school :p Unfortunately work is still on.

malekat_el7oriya said...

LUCKY!! no we have spring break in April :( for oone week lol

scarletadyant said...

what a pity...I mean that's me...coz I've never seen, felt and touched the snow. it's rain...rain...and rain...surround me. but, Alhamdulillah, it's grateful too

Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun snow day Malekat. You should go sledding real quick. Love you and have fun!

Quick It Girl. said...
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