I think I might scream...I'm really annoyed and ticked off. I don't why but these days I just get annoyed with people really quickly. Anyways this really has to do with the (muslim but non-practicing muslim) girl I've been talking about in my other post (called Advice). So today, of course she brought up the topic of valentines day (*groan*) but it was something different this time and really offensive. Again I'm going to re-write our conversation, what I say is in blue and what she says is in red.

"I don't have a valentine."
"Oh, that's not really a big deal."
" I guess so, who's aYOUR valentine?"
"Erm-no one..."
"Is it the one above?"
" I'm not going to say cuz if I do you're gonna get 'all up on me' and be mad"
"What are you talking about?"
"Okay, I'll tell you, is your valentine Allah?"

WHAT?! WHAT?!!!!!!! WHAT?! DID I MISS SOMETHING?! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...and you ask why I'm annoyed. God, I know she wont listen to anything I would have said, I just HATE how she makes fun of things, it's really not right...

7 thoughts:

Cecilia said...

what a irritating person she sounds like.

malekat_el7oriya said...

haha thanks for the comment...and it can be true, she does irritate me lol :p but I feel better now

Sonia said...

OMG!!! I can't stand people like that! I hate all these annoying holidays, V-Day, Halloween, St. Pats day, because its everywhere, and my toddlers are beginning to catch it.

malekat_el7oriya said...

Oh I know! I hate those holidays ...they really really annoy me too!

Anonymous said...

Haaa!! no not really funny. sad. Did she say it to make fun of you or the Deen? Anyway, good to hear you havent caught yourself up in the shirk of valentines day.

*~Ange~* said...

hahahha.. oh dear god that was funny. what a retard.

love that monkey pic too

Muslimah said...

i think she has some mild mental issues that she needs to address IMMEDIATELY!

i really pity her for her obvious ignorance and the need to make fun of Islam.