From your little sister in Islam (Moi)!!

I feel so much better now and I'm going to become a better person now. Ok so this is like a "New Years Resolution" almost 3 months into the New Year lol.
Anyways I'm going to try to smile when someone insults me and become less sensitive about things people say/do. Cuz I'm tired of caring about everything someone says about me/to me that is mean. Because you know what? They can just go suck it up, anything bad said about someone, comes bouncing back to whoever said it, so there. :p And another thing I want to work on, well it's something that's been going on in my head for forever, but I'm going to try to memorize the whole Quran and learn it by heart. I've decided on starting from Juzu' 30 and going backwards through the Quran, because obviously if i started to memorize the Quran from Surat ALbaqara, it'd probably ruin my whole "enthusiastic" mood, if you know what I mean lol. :)) So inshallah I want to start as soon as I can... :P
Anyways that was just a check up again. :) Hope you're all taking care of yourselves and haing a great time

Your little sister in Islam,
malekat_el7oriya :P

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ModestJustice said...

Seriously, everyone has to stop caring what others think because not everyone is life is going to like us, no matter what we do. But I'm here for you habibti!

And masha'allah, you will totally memorize the Qur'an and I'll be cheering you on! Make your fellow sister proud (however I should be doing the exact same thing >>)

<3Modest Justice

o0UmmHasan0o said...

salam sis, keep up the great work.. masha'Allah

come and choose an award!

scarletadyant said...

that's Islam,sis! Islam is peace, honest, Islam, smile is devotion. Keep be a moslem as good as can be

FutureGirl said...

So SO proud of you, well done!

Anonymous said...

omgiii thats my reloloution

well do it together i just tell ppl all my flaus so that that way they cant point any out

Lisa said...

You are definitely off to a great start with this dear sister! Your call filled with the da'wah of our Prophet today meant so much. May Allah make becoming a hafiz easy for you. Ameen.

Big hugs and I love you sweet sister *

Sacrifice4Allah said...

That's good news!