A rose for you

A beautiful rose I took a picture of...I don't know what to say it's so amazing, there are no words to describe it's beauty except "mashallah". After a non-believer witnesses such beauty how ca they not believe? In the Quran it says:

"He sends down water from the sky and with it brings forth the buds of every plant. From these we bring forth green foliage and close-growing grain, palm-trees laden with clusters of dates within reach, vineyards and olive groves and pomegranates (which are) alike and different. Behold their fruits when they bear fruit and ripen-surely. In these there are signs for true believers."
(Sura Anam 6, Ayah 99)

In Surat Al-Waqiaa, ( the Event) Ayah 63 it says:
Consider the seeds you grow. Is it you that give them growth or We?

Somethings to contemplate for Atheists:
How does a simple seed turn into a flowering, budding plant? Look at the majesty of those trees....is it really just spontaneous? Do the flowers grow out of the blue? Can you make a seed turn into a gigantic tree using your own magic?Is it you that makes the palm trees give clusters of dates or is there something beyond? Is there a God, An all-powerful, All-Knowing God that makes things happen? Surely isn't He the one that created you and brought you into this world? isn't He the one that made the earth for us to live on, the sky to give us rain, and the plants to give us food?

Just think about it....

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أم ترافيس said...

Assalamu alaykum,

Sister, your blog is so lovely ma shaa Allah. I am so happy to read such enlightening posts :) And nice photo too ma shaa Allah! Thanx fer sharing ;)

malekat_el7oriya said...

waalaikom al salam sister,
thanks so much for your kind words...you made my day! :)