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Today at school, still stuck watching WWII, D-day, and whatever other Battles in the great history of endless battles, movies. This one was about D-day. (you know-June 6, blah blah blah against Germany to liberate the west because Hitler took it over and so on...) and the movie was bloody torture. Pain and fear, firing guns, bombing, you know a war classic. The girl sitting a seat away from me, had hid her face behind her hands so as not to see the movie. And the girl sitting further away started to laugh when someone got blown up, and she cracked up when she saw the soldiers dump the blood out of his helmet and put it back on. She cracked up when she saw that. Cracked up. Laughed uncontrollably, while a girl a seat away from me was near tears. Now...would you LAUGH at something like that?! I felt really bad that this girl was laughing I mean imagine going off to a bloody, crazy war seeing everyone get bombed and killed and your brother shot in front of your eyes. I simply cannot see why she would laugh at that. I was torn up seeing these things...I started to recite Ayat Alkursi in my mind unconciously until I felt my heart soothe and calm down. Sometimes I just wonder how somebody could go on living life and not be able to feel the peaceful contemptment of bowing down to Allah in sujud, in prayer, and not being able to feel the happiness the soul felt when reciting the magical words of Allah;the beautiful Quran.
“Do you think that you will enter Paradise without any trials

while you have known the examples of those who passed away before you?
They were afflicted with suffering and adversity
and were so violently shaken up that even
the Messenger and the believers with him cried out:
“When will Allah’s help come?”

Then they were comforted with the words,
Be aware! Allah’s help is ever close.
[Al-Baqarah - 2:214]

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Jamilah said...

You seem very mature for your age, mashallah... it must be hard to be with people who don't seem to have the slightest idea how horrible war can be.. she laughed?? ugh...