Dear Mr.Senator Person

The IdeaL muslimah
wrote to her senator about the issues of Palestine and Isreal and the injustice of it all. So today-er- right now I just sent our State Senator a message urging him to help... I wont be surprised if he doesn't answer but still I would have tried. I was almost getting ready to send him that video of the Palestinian baby that was burnt to death, but I changed my mind lol-well actually it could have knocked some sense into him if he did watch it, but he might think I am a hostile creature of the insane world. And besides aren't we supposed to "respect" our Senators or something? Even if they don't respect that the Palestanians have the right to live. Actually in a(perfect er-sane world the senator might send me a reply that goes something like this lol...
*cough cough* *clear throat*

Dear Ms.____

I recieved your message that addressed your deep concern about the inhumanity and the injustice of the murdering and massacuring of the Palestinian people and I totally agree with you.I shall talk to the person (official? president?) and we will turn against the Israelis and fight them out of Palestine. And thus-there shall be world peace. I wanted to inform you that the Congress has just declared war on Israel and we will go off fighting next week.
Thanks again&Best Regards,

State Senator.

OH the Joy-ness it would bring me to read an e-mail like that. But I have a horribly bad feeling that his reply (if he does reply) will be the exact opposite, even though he does seem like a perfectly sane Senator. Well, politicians are never exactly in their right minds...
I'll just keep dremaing though, and praying for the Palestanians

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NiDa said...

aww sister - we can hope the answer is as such! But I highly doubt it lol!

InshaAllah Our Strongest weappon is prayer,and we should keep on praying sister for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and everywhere else in the world!

malekat_el7oriya said...

hahahah ya NiDa i highly highly doubt it lol-its just my imagination running wild wild wild hahah Imagine it though declaring war on israel LOL!!! that would be something