I was tagged!

Ok so my awesome friend Modest Justice tagged me :)
And i choose to tag these 5 people:
To those I tagged, you gotta do this:
tag 5 other people, and write 25 things (about you, your thoughts, whatever)

SO here it goes:

1) I'm the youngest child in the family, I have one older brother
2) I've only been wearing hijab for 7 months :p (started July)
3)I love poetry and i've written quite a few poems
4)I can be shy around people i don't know
5) I HATE talking on the phone cuz i can never think of anything to say :(
6) I <3 feild hockey lol
7) I speak arabic :P OOH ya!
8) I bet that I'm younger than all of you bloggers in blog land.. :P
9) I grew up in Lebanon :)) !!!!!!! and my mom's lebanese but i was born in Iraq where my dad is from...and yet I'm also American, I've lived 10 months in Iraq, 6 years in Lebanon and 6 years in the U.S. :)
10)I love to sing (i know know it's haram but don't worry i only sing in the comfort of home but sometimes I dream about being a singer...grr don't worry dreams don't come true so... :P)
11)I'm really good at listening and can be a really good friend
12) Once when my mom and I were shopping and went to pay the cashier asked me if I went to school, God people are ignorant
13) And the song that's been continuosly playing in my HEAD is Fairytale by Sara Bereilles i know i know but it's a really good song
14) Hahha i don't have cable at home so that basically cuts me off from all the shows people talk about lol
15)I can be super sensitive sometimes :( and that's a horrible trait to have when you're a hijabi
16) I lov eknowing things...and around my family I'm the super joker and talker
17) Ugh I don't know what else to say.... I hate homework (?) but doesn't everyone?
18) I hate house work hate it hate it unless it's in preperation for eid and then well that's awesome!
19) ummm ever watched Clifford the REd dog? Well I've always wanted to be a big red dog lolllllll JK!
20) I'm bored. oh and btw I LOOOOOOOVE nutella
21) My brother is going off to college next year :( lol that's not really about me but you know..
22) I hate swimming ever since I drowned and my mom had to come save me hey I was only like 1 year old
23) I'm 5 foot 6' tall for someone my age
24) Two more to go...erm umm I love blogging I started a blog a year ago but it got erased so this is my new blog
25) LAST ONE!!! hmmmm I can't wait to go to college! I think I'm might be a writer/artist :P maybe

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Sacrifice4Allah said...

"I can be super sensitive sometimes :( and that's a horrible trait to have when you're a hijabi"

Tell me about it!

I'm going to put up my 25. Stay tuned!

malekat_el7oriya said...

hahah ya... :9 it sux and I'm gonna check yours out

Jamilah said...

can you re-comment on my blog... I hit reject by accident :(

Sacrifice4Allah said...

All done :)

Aishah World said...

Wow Interesting!
Good Luck!

singamaraja said...

Assalamu'alaikum Wr,Wb

Al Hamdulillah, I am from Malaysia reading your blog

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zahra said...

May I joint too?...

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