The pureness of a baby

Today me and my mom went to visit one of her friends who had just delivered a little baby girl *awwwwwwww* the girl, her name is Heidi is one day old :) and she is the cutest thing EVER. As i look at her through the little (umm whats it called, for God's sake it looks like a tub lol) umm tub, if you will, and I couldn't help but thinking how pure she was. Her slate was completely white, no sins, nothing. Born on a state of fitrah. I looked at her and remebered how babies were born muslim, born pure and true. But it was their parents that made them otherwise...I felt so sad, that such a beautiful baby would have to lose that pureness :(
But soon everything would change, that baby would grow up and live through the obstacles life would bring...that is if, Allah wills. And ofcourse the picture is ABSOLUTLEY NOT NOT her it's just a one year old baby picture I found on google :)

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